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    You've bought a passion fruit at the store, but how are you supposed to eat it? Read on for step-by-step directions and recipes. It's also quite common to eat the Passion Fruit seeds. They can add crunch to salads and are often used as garnish over a recipe that includes. Passion fruit may be one of the most delicious fruits on the face of the planet. passionfruit seeds are completely edible and part of the fun of eating the fruit.


    Molecular Gastronomy: Frozen Reverse Spherification to Make Spheres with Liquid Inside edible fruit passion fruit recipes A no-bake cake topped with tropical mango and passion fruit. Recipe from Fridge Cakes by Jean-Luc Sady, photos by Isabelle Kanako. I didn't find much on the internet in terms of recipes; instead I discovered that . Thanks for confirming that this passion flower fruit is edible. Passion fruit is known for its beautiful white vegetation with purple to pink crown blooms. The fruit It is regularly used with additional types of fruit in recipes to lighten its pungent taste. Passion Pulp is regularly eaten fresh, seeds are edible.

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    It is delicious in curries and over fish. The color of passion fruit is purple or golden yellow. You may wish to view the purple variety. My entire bck wall of the garage is covered with these, so now that I know its edible, Ill spend all weekend experimenting.

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