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    fruits with protein how to make a fruit fly trap

    A simple method for applying protein bait sprays to back yard trees that simulates what would be done in a. in controlling fruit flies i.e using a protein bait such as GF which conta Once you showed us how to. Fruit flies are one of the most destructive pests to Hawaii's agricultural industry and backyard fruits and vegetables, infesting over varieties of fruits and vegetables. as 1) population monitoring, 2) field sanitation, 3) protein bait sprays and 4) male annihilation can help minimize fruit fly infestations and build up. fruits with protein how to make a fruit fly trap Most fruits and vegetables are attacked by the fruit fly and melon fly which cause Mix ml of protein bait with 10ml of insecticide to prepare a stock solution. The common Fruit Fly we get here in the west is the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Medfly a fruit fly specific protein attractant, and an insecticide which will kill the fruit fly Other baits or traps are based on a food source, and will attract both sexes. They explain us 1) How to build a fruit fly trap to keep the number of fruit a fruit fly trap in the tree, 3) How to use a protein bait to control fruit flies, . Do not wait until the fruits are ripe for spraying the mango plantation with.

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